Why We're Starting a DevOps Training Company

We’re starting Ponderosa to teach working software engineers the DevOps principles and technologies that underpin much of today’s software development and deployment. This blog post explains why!

What’s the problem?

Application engineers often do not understand the DevOps technologies that can vastly expand their creative potential, even as their organizations invest in those technologies. Take, for example, an infrastructure team that’s just moved their company over to Kubernetes: if their application engineers don’t understand Kubernetes, they can’t take advantage of its capabilities. Which is nuts! Because Kubernetes is really amazing and the organization invested a lot implementing it!

What can be gained by solving it?

Once a developer groks a DevOps technology, they can think more expansively about the engineering challenges they address every day. They become more effective problem solvers by understanding the powerful tools available to them.

Why Ponderosa?

Every Ponderosa training is geared towards making software engineers more effective. The in-person events consist of hands-on labs that spark creativity in participants, who leave with working examples, quick reference guides, and follow-up exercises. The trainings also include a 1:1 session with the instructor one week after the event, ideally used to discuss how the participant can use their new skills on the job.

Who’s running it?

Ponderosa is run by Sam Handler, an early engineer at HashiCorp and a software engineering/DevOps consultant based in New York City. He’s worked at the seam of software engineering and DevOps since 2011.

What happens now?

If you’re interested in setting up a training for your company or talking about courses you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to inquiries@ponderosa.io or talk to us on Twitter @ponderosa_io!

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